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ART uses POINT for World Cup 2006   ART use POINT at World Cup 2006

1st December 2006

London, England - December 1st 2006 - e-mediavision.com, a leading UK based innovator of advanced Broadcast video graphics solutions has provided ART Jordan with its third Point Telestrator.

ART - Jordan, an existing user of the POINT-SD Broadcast telestrators made the decision to invest in the High Definition version of the POINT after the 2006 world cup event in Germany. The POINT-HD will provide ART with one of the most sophisticated graphics over video systems for use by its Sports and News presenters, with POINT-HD, ART can work in SD 525/625 or 720P/1080i/1080P formats and thus ensuring that ART can work in any production format for future sports events anywhere in the world.

POINT-HD will provide presenters with new tools and features, which includes the new HD zoom Tool, allowing any area of live video to be zoomed up with clarity and definition, VT control Tool, allowing presenters to control slow motion replay’s directly from the touch screen interface, Off Side Tool, to highlight offside decision’s in real time with animated graphics without having to pre render the animation and Tool Transparency, allowing drawn graphics to have a level of transparency that allows viewers to see the underlying action, these are just some of the new features within POINT-HD.
ART also invested in the POINT-Holo screen for the world cup event, a world’s first airing of Holographic Touch screen telestration which provided a unique look and feel to the world cup production.
E-mediavision.com was at hand at the World Cup providing support, training and installation and managed to set up the complete studio system in record time. ART presenters familiar with the POINT interface were quickly able to adapt to the new POINT-Holo projected touch screen interface, which also allowed the production team to enhance its production look giving a unique and truly stunning look and feel to the prestigious world cup event, the ART production aired across the middle east and north Africa regions to millions of delighted viewers.

Kash Acharya, Managing Director, e-mediavision.com adds “The world cup event was a truly challenging task, not only did we have HD productions to cope with in HD & SD graphics, we also had a challenge with the on location Studio which had to have a fast turnaround between segments of the programme which meant the studio had to be able to do a very fast turnaround of sets. We like challenges and were able to design in a unique system for ART which interfaced the point system with dual presenters touch screens, producers control screen in the gallery, a front side in shot Plasma touch screen and the new Point-Holo projected touch screen allowing presenters to easily move to various touch screens as the production dictated. The presenters absolutely loved the POINT and the POINT-Holo touch screen which is now to be deployed in the ART-Jordan studios as a permanent feature.”  

About e-mediavision.com:

e-mediavision.com, based in London, England, provides leading innovative solutions for Broadcast, CCTV Surveillance monitoring, IT and Audio Visual applications. The company’s product brands which encompass POINT-HD broadcast graphics systems, Award winning X-View Multiviewers, X-Com control and monitoring system, X-Tools interface & engineering solutions have been adopted by some of the worlds leading companies in Broadcast, Security and Audio Visual markets.

e-mediavision.com combines innovation with experience to realise robust, cost effective, flexible solutions that meet the needs of clients. Focusing on total customer satisfaction the company’s global base of experienced resellers, technical support and sales personnel are committed to providing a professional level of service which meets the expectations of clients.

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