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POINT-HD Enhances Productions & Retains Viewers Attention

Point-HD Enhances Productions & Retains Viewer AttentionPOINT-HD empowers the Talent / presenter with graphical tools that help them tell their story easily and quickly.

Sports, News, Weather, Game Shows, Live Events …. Whatever the production POINT-HD adds value by creating dynamic content.

Sports productions can easily adopt POINT-HD within the format of show, pre game, in game and post game analysis, where the Talent / Presenter is able to highlight events in a semi scripted live format easily and quickly and almost direct the  show on the fly. POINT-HD allows the Talent to present in a more natural and fluid way by allowing freedom to use tools that enrich their story and captivate viewers.

News Productions come to life by allowing Talent to highlight breaking stories, show live web pages in HD and allowing full navigation of sites live on air easily and quickly.  Often with breaking news, graphics personnel are under pressure to produce graphics for the story which can be used in the next show, with POINT-HD graphics can be easily imported from a number of sources and used by the Talent to highlight events within minutes of the breaking news.

Live Events, conferences & meetings can utilise POINT-HD to enable more dynamic presentations and allow the presenter to control the delivery and flow of their presentation to suit the audience which is more difficult to achieve when presenting with scripted presentations which use slide shows.

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